Hello we have the same problem/issue

After the connection lost or a reboot from the AnywhereUSB the server (2012) lost connection tot the AnywhereUSB.
Disconnect and connect does not work we have to reboot the server for this.
Is there a way we can do this without rebooting?
Perhaps we have one extra thing i have to explain. I the configuration we are useing it the AnywhereUSB device connects thru a VPN into a diff. IP-subnet.
Everything works until we lose connection or reboot from the AnywhereUSB after a power interruption.

Are you running the latest AWUSB firmware on the AWUSB/14 and the latest AWUSB driver on all of the host computers?

The latest AWUSB firmware is 1.81 and the latest AWUSB driver is 3.71.

Same issue, both Win10 and WinSrv2012R2. I downloaded the latest package to install from today. Firmware is 1.83 as it shows on the website, we have the USB/2, not that it seems to make a difference.

What exactly is the issue that you’re facing? Can you provide some more details?