AnywhereUSB does not reconnect after server reboot

Our AnywhereUSB/5 box disconnects whenever we reboot the virtual Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter SP1 server, that needs the license dongle stuck into the AnywhereUSB box.

We have a heck of a time reconnecting to the server (and see the USB License dongle) but I have noted, that a new AnywhereUSB/5 (G2) box has been released.

Should I switch to this box, do I need new drivers or is there some setup parameters/switches on the AnywhereUSB box that I forgot.

TIA and regards,

All model AWUSBs should automatically re-connect (successfully) to host computers, if they are already connected and installed.

Be sure you’re running the current release v3.10 AWUSB driver. The older AWUSB/5 uses firmware that’s bundled with the driver package, so it’s automatically updated to the latest version. So your firmware is fine.

Try to determine what the exact symptom of the problem is. Is the AWUSB itself not re-connecting on bootup? Or is it the dongle that’s not re-connecting on bootup? To determine this, look at the 5 Port LEDs on the AWUSB front panel after bootup. If they are all solid green then the AWUSB is connected. If they are all off, or roaming left-right-left then the AWUSB is not connected.