Can I automatically fail over to AnywhereUSB/14 between 2 different datacenters?

We want to use AnywhereUSB/14 to host license dongles. We have 2 redundant data centers. One data center is the “hot” site at a time with the other data center hosting a virtual copy of the hot site. I want to be able to move the VM for the app that requires the license dongle from one data center to the other and have the app be able to automatically connect to the AnywhereUSB/14 and find the dongle after the move from the former location. Can I do that? If I can, then would any settings have to be updated after the VM moves?

There’s no method that we provide for a computer to automatically connect to a 2nd AWUSB if the other “already connected” AWUSB has a problem. The best suggestion we could make here would be to have the 2nd “backup” AWUSB pre-configured and have the computer automatically ready to connect to it (by having the IP address of the 2nd/backup unit in the Connection List). At that point, the 2nd/backup AWUSB could either be powered off (“standby”) or it could already be powered on and pre-connected. It probably makes more sense to leave it powered off to save the life of the product though, in my opinion at least.