USB24Plus - Map USB dongle to two Virtual Windows Servers

We are trying to map a single USB dongle to two Windows Virtual Servers (2019). Installed USB Manager on Server 1 and was able to map the dongle with the client ID. Ungrouped from server 1 and trying installing USB managed on Server 2 with the same client ID and group. But getting invalid cert ID on the second server. At any point in time, only one server will be active. The second server is just a standby in case the first one failes. Is this the right way?

Hi Gene,

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Client IDs must be unique, so you would need to configure a different Client ID on the second one to have it working. See also here: Topic Troubleshooting: AnywhereUSB Manager client ID is not unique.

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To achieve your goal, you could configure each Client ID such that they have access to the same Group. From the AWUSB 24 Plus webUI, go to System > AWUSB Configuration and then look in the Client Settings area, noting in particular the Group Access checkboxes.

In addition to what Anny said, note that it is not possible for multiple computers to ‘share’ Groups (USB ports/devices). By ‘share’, I mean be connected to them at the same time.

So, the primary computer would need to be disconnected (for example, in a failed state) before the standby computer would be able to connect to that Group.

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