Can I point more than one server to a USB port dongle on the Digi2port?

Using a USB Anywhere 2port hub for our server dongle but I need to setup a new server so I need to use the dongle for that new installation, can I have more than one server point to the same port?

No, this capability only exists with the Digi AnywhereUSB 5M and the AnywhereUSB 14 models:

These models are specified at the URL below with the term Multi-Host:

The AnywhereUSB/2 can only be connected to one host computer at a time.

The AnywhereUSB/5 MHC and AnywhereUSB/14 mhc can have each usb port or group of usb ports connected to different host computers.

The AnywhereUSB models that support the MHC (Multi-Host Connections) feature will allow other computers to connect to other USB devices attached attached to other USB ports, at the same time that your existing server is connected to your existing dongle.

It sounds like you’re asking if you can “share” a single USB port/device (a dongle in your case) and the answer to that question is no. USB ports and attached USB devices cannot be shared. They can only be connected to / used by one computer at a time.

A workaround you might want to try is to have the new server “take turns” with the existing server, connecting to the AWUSB/2. In other words, have the server that needs to use the dongle connect to the AWUSB/2 on an as-needed basis. This is analogous to physically removing the dongle from one server and connecting it to another, if you can imagine a scenario where you have 2 servers physically near each other that both need to use the dongle.