USBAnywhere and number of servers that can connect?

can you connect multiple hosts to the device? so if i want one host to access port 1 and another host to access port 2 is it possible?

Not to the current model AnywhereUSB. It was designed to function like any other 5-port USB hub, giving the connected computer 5 additional USB ports. No “port sharing” was implied.

Since we’ve had a lot of requests for this feature, it will be added to a newer AnywhereUSB, a different piece of hardware, that is scheduled to be released around March 2009 last I heard.

Thanks for the reply, appreciate your help

Any new about the new AnywhereUSB with port sharing support?.


The last I heard, it will be a rack-mountable 13-port device and it’s scheduled to be released in August of this year.

Hi Jeremyn,

Digi has released two new versions of the Anywhere USB (AW-USB-2-W and AnywhereUSB TS). Any news about the version that allows several servers to connect with the device at the same time?


Those two pieces of hardware have the same limitation of the AnywhereUSB/5 in that they can only connect to a single PC.

The 13 port unit I mentioned before will actually be a 14 port unit and it will have such a feature (where different PCs can connect to different USB ports). Unfortunately, it’s been pushed back to December last I heard.

Any sign of this new device yet ?

Its now January and it was originally suggested that it would be available last August, then last December.

It’s still in the works. Pushed back a few more months.

Any status on this device?

The 14 port version of the product is now available. Below is a link to the Sales pages for the device: