multiple Server connections to one USB AnyWhere needed

I have an USBANYWHERE 5 Port attached to our Network. The Intend of using this USB Server is to provide USB Ports to the VM Servers within the Network Farm.

The connetion from the servers to the USBANYWHERE works fine, however, I could not manage to connect to the Device on more then one account. This makes the Device worthless, since I need to use the USB Ports throughout the network for the Servers (even though,only one port for a given server at a time). The intend is, to have different USB Dongles available for the individual Virtual servers.

As of now, if I connect one server to the device, all 5 ports are only available for this server. Another server can see the device, but not connect to it.

How can I configure the USBANYWHERE Device for that purpose, to connect to a diveces multiple times and assign a Port to a certain server. This Port will then be blocked for the others.

Can someone help me please.


Check out the specs listed on this page .

The 5 port AnywhereUSB does not support multiple hosts connecting at once, but the 14 port version does. You can check out section 9 “Multi-Host Connections” in the AnywhereUSB manual for more info.

Note that we now have a newer model called the AnywhereUSB/5 M which has the Multi Host Connections feature that the AWUSB/14 has.

Is there a document that provides step-by-step on how to map specific USB ports to different hosts.

Yes, the AnywhereUSB Quick Start Guide: