How to get the Api of the AnywhereUSB/14?

We just purchased one AnywhereUSB/14,but haven’t found the document of api.

i found some one in trouble while use it ,

but i don’t know how to get it , who can tell me ? thank you very much~

Please try the link I provided in the other forum post that you referenced. It had expired, and I just updated it.

Does this work / does this help?

thanks for your help.
i can connnected and disconnect by this dll,but whatever i wrote ‘’ or ‘’,it aways connected group one.
And i can switch group which i want by Remote Hub configuration utility.
Do I have to do any other configuration?

Several days passed, could you tell me that is my incorrect use of the api lead to this issue ,or it’s haven’t supported this function yet ? If not support yet, then we have to consider other way…

I’m told that the syntax you’re using (IP address:Group number) is correct, and that this should work with the latest version of the AWUSB API (the one I provided the link to).

Can you double-check that you are using the correct (newest) version of the AWUSB API, version 3.82, by double-clicking the .dll file and clicking the Details tab?

For troubleshooting purposes - taking the API out of the picture for now - are you sure that the AWUSB/14 itself is setup properly for Groups other than just Group 1 (as the default settings are to just use Group 1)? You can check this in Configuration - RealPort USB in the web interface (also see the screenshot in section 5 of the AWUSB Quick Start Guide, which is linked just below).