AwUsbApi.dll documentation

Is it possible to provide method call documentation for AwUsbApi.dll for use in my application. Thank you!

Connect dll:
[DllImport(“AwUsbApi.dll”, EntryPoint = “AwUsbConnect”)]
static extern int AwConnect(string IP, string Status, int TimeOut, string Event);

Connection settings:
string IP = “”;
string Status = “”;
Console.WriteLine((AwUSBStatus) AwConnect(IP, Status, 5000, “”));

I get the status of 2, which corresponds to AwUSB_Status_Invalid_Parameter that corresponds to an error in “invalid such as “Hub””

ip address is correct (example of the address is shown), the group is incorrect
Tell me what I’m doing wrong

The primary purpose of AwUsbApi.dll is to provide customers with a Windows Application Program Interface (API) to connect to and disconnect from AnywhereUSBs. If AwUsbApi.dll is not found in your system then you need to download it from . It is highly chances to solve your problem.