AnywhereUSB/2 API Function Prototypes?

Hello there, i was wondering what the prototypes of the functions AwUsbConnect, AwUsbDisconnect and AwUsbGetConnectionStatus functions looked like, to get them working properly in my script. Furthermore i wanted to ask if the API is win32 (i would hope so) or win64.

Thanks in advance,



The API is Win32.

Prototypes should be in the header file, which should be bundled with the DLL itself in the Advanced subfolder where the AnywhereUSB files get extracted on the host computer. Do you see that folder and those files? If not, what AWUSB driver version do you have installed?

Thank you very much. I re-downloaded the driver and found the files as described. Coworker must have deleted them, only god knows why. Makes a whole lot more sense now.