AnywhereUSB 2+ automatically reset to factory FW version


We have installed on AWUSB FW version AnywhereUSB2- and then turn it off for about 2 months. When we turn it back on, noticed that the manager 40003045_Win64_10.1.23.171_H.exe couldn’t connect to it. Then I went into via web-service with the static ip, saw the firmware version was not the same version that was installed. It reset to the factory.

We tried to re-flashed the AnywhereUSB2-, but manager still couldn’t recognized.

I am appreciated for any hint to resolve it.

Hello vanthien,

You posed your question under Digi Remote Manager, which is Digi’s cloud based remote manager. The manager you are referring to is the AnywhereUSB Manager.

You should ask your question under the USB category as this will get you to those experts.

As an alternative, you can open up a Tech Support case by emailing