new anywhere usb2 plus with latest firmware stopped working after 2 weeks

Hi Folks,
my anywhere usb2 plus AW02-G300 rev H was working perfectly
on windows 2019 server & windows 2016 server for about 2 weeks with latest firmware as of April 2021

Now anywhere usb manager (v3.1.21.1) cannot connect.

firmware Version
win64 driver 40003045_Win64_10.1.23.171_H

occasionally it is exhibiting strange behaviour on the LEDs. normally there should be blue power & orange + yellow for ethernet. I have seen all the LEDS flash white and blue. sometimes the ethernet lights disappear.

i am using the digi power supply (it has geren light on it).
i have rebooted the PC, the digi usb2 device and the dell switch a number of teams. No change in behaviour.

is there a way to reset this device from scratch and just start again? I had changed to a static ip address. i had created the required certificates.

THe device is less than 1 month old so how to determine if it is dead and must be sent for warranty replacement?

Any help most appreciated!


Hi Cormac,

The guidance for factory defaulting your AnywhereUSB 2 Plus can be found here:

Where guidance is concerned, on the AnywhereUSB 2 Plus we’d recommend using a Static IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway addresses, as well as configuring a primary and secondary DNS server address.

On the AnywhereUSB Manager side, you can configure the Static IP address of the AnywhereUSB 2 Plus under Configure –> Known Hubs, so that you can de-select the Autofind Hubs option under File –> Preferences.

Hopefully this guidance gets you up and running, but if you feel the need to pursue an RA Request so you’ll have a working product, please email and provide the Serial Number of the device you’re having issues with, since the forum isn’t really made for troubleshooting of an ongoing issue such as need of repair.

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Thanks Michael,
i did the factory reset. This takes about 10S . Then it can be tricky to figure out when to do the certificate reset immediately after, but got it reset eventually.

i found that for the initial webui connection , i simply could not connect with google chrome browser and instead was able to connect with MS edge browser or internet explorer.

THe device is now on factory firmware and i am leaving it on that to see if is stable. Otherwise i will try to return under warranty.

Because of all the issues with client certs and hub certs not being recognised with factory reset device,i uninstalled the anywhereusb manager service from the 3 PCs i need this to work from; Win10, win 2016, Win 2019.
I attempted to add the 3 different clients/client certificates via anywhere usb webui configuration.(I am using the DNS names).This turned out to be a bad idea. I had to delete all of the client ids and separately go to the webui from the different servers and set up the individual client ids that way. So clientIDs can be setup one at a time and only from the actual device that will access the usbdevice. So thats a tip for new users. Do not try and create all your clientIds from just one Pc. It will not work! i managed to get the usbanywhere manager working with the device again , on win10, win 2019, but not win2016 where the installation failed. I have created a new forum topic about this failure.
Thanks again for the support!