AnywhereUSB/5 G2 not discoverable and will not reset

I just received a new AnywhereUSB/5 G2 and I can not get it to be discovered or factory reset. Using wireshark, I noticed it has an alien ip on it, not a dhcp address, and broadcast continuously to udp port 10002, I can set my pc to a address that is apparently in its scope, and it will ping. But it will not discover, and it will not reset. Now I’m a little unclear on the reset button procedure. I have held the button down and powered the unit on, and held it for 20 seconds and release. I have done this several times with and without the network connected, and no usb devices in it. When it powers on, everything is green for the first 5 seconds, then every light blinks red/green until the end of time. Is this device defective and I need to send it back?


There is information in the AnywhereUSB installation guide on how to configure and factory default the AnywhereUSB/2 device:

I have read that manual several times. Like I said, it only gives the very basic specifics, and leaves a few question on the reset procedure. Like network cables connected or not, usb devices connected or not. I would think this wouldn’t matter, but I can not get this device to reset or to operate properly. That’s why I am asking if I did something wrong. I’m leaning towards that its defective, and it might be time to let amazon sort it out. I just find it odd that it seems to be working, as it continuously broadcasting on that 10002 udp port.

What ip address does the AnywhereUSB/2 receive from the Dhcp server?

Can you open the web interface of the AnywhereUSB/2?

Does the AnywhereUSB Config Utility see the AnywhereUSB/2?

To factory default, unplug the power. Push the reset button in and apply power. You should see the status led blink 1 time then 5 times then 1 time. Let go of the reset button and allow 1 minute for the unit to boot up.

You must configure the ip address in the web interface or device discover. The Configure button will not change the ip address.

It doesn’t pull a ip from the dhcp server. I have dhcp and bootp enabled on the scope. Using a cisco monitor port, I have determined the ip address to be, and never tries to pull a dhcp address. I’m not sure why/how that ip is being used either. If I set my pc to, I can ping it. We do not use the 192.168/16 range for any of our subnets. That’s about the extent of what the device does at the moment. I did run a nmap scan on all tcp ports, and everything returned filtered. I’m currently waiting on the udp scan to finish. Then I will try to reset again.


The reset doesn’t behave properly. I’m going to rma it back to amazon and get another one.

Thanks for the assistance.