AnywhereUSB 2 Plus. Invalid root password.

Hi. I can’t log into Web UI AnywhereUSB 2 Plus using root and the default password from the label. Can I somehow reset the password or find out the correct one?

I am having the same issue currently. I have reset the device (several times now), and the password on the sticker is not working. I am waiting for support to email me back.

But to reset the password normally you press the reset button for 10 seconds until all of the LEDs blink twice. This will reset the device back to its factory defaults and prevent any currently configured devices from connecting to it.

see the factory reset procedure here:
Reset the device by using the Reset button

Note Using the reset button is the most extreme factory reset option.

If the AnywhereUSB® Plus Hub is physically accessible, you can use the RESET button on the Hub to restore the configuration to factory defaults. The restore process clears all current settings (including all previously stored client IDs and certificates), deletes all Hub and AnywhereUSB Manager keys, resets the password for the administrative user, and restores the settings to the factory defaults.

After you restore the factory defaults on a Hub, none of the existing AnywhereUSB Managers will be able to connect to the Hub. When the Hub is restored, the Hub creates a new Hub certificate, which will not be accepted by the existing AnywhereUSB Managers.

  1. Locate the RESET button on your device.
  • AnywhereUSB® Plus 2 port: The RESET button is on the front panel.
  • AnywhereUSB® Plus 8 port: The RESET button is on the back panel.
  • AnywhereUSB® Plus 24 port: The RESET button is on the side of the device.
  1. Press and hold the RESET button for about 10 seconds, until all the USB LEDs blink twice.
  2. Release the RESET button. The Hub automatically reboots.
  3. After resetting the device, you must fix the client ID and Hub certificates mismatch.
  4. Remove the client ID from the Hub. See Remove a Hub certificate.
  5. Add the client ID to the Hub. See Add a Hub certificate.

Are you sure you are accessing the correct AnywhereUSB Plus, e.g. you might have several in your network?
When you access the web interface, before logging it, it shows the AWyy-xxxxxx serial number. Does this number match your label?
If you sniff the HTTPS traffic between your computer and the AWyy-xxxxx with wireshark, which MAC address does it show for the AWyy-xxxxxx? Does the MAC address match the one from the label?

If this does not work for you or you are seeing a mismatch between label and what you sniff/see in the web interface, please create a support case with Digi with a photo of your label showing serial number, MAC address and password and report what you are seeing instead.