Digi channel 3 -> which tty?

First, forgive me for not really knowing what I’m talking about here. I got thrown into the middle of a support issue at my new job. The old “unix guy” blew off a bunch of cases and they landed in my lap. Unfortunately I am not really a Unix guy so I’m not even sure where to go next.

I have a client running SCO Openserver 5.x who can not print. That’s easy enough, the printer is setup on /dev/ttya08, which is actually a Wyse terminal.

I was left with the notes that the printer is connected to channel 3 on the digiboard and that I should check the baud rate. I have no idea what to do with this info.

What does channel 3 mean to me as far as figuring out which device the printer is actually using? I have no Digiboard documentation. Thanks for any help or pointers you can offer.

Without knowing the product, it would be difficult to determine the best configuration method to suggest.

You may want to consider contacting Digi International Technical Support directly for quicker assistance.

Thank you for the quick reply!

I can get more info from the client. If they knew which Digiboard model they have, would that help in finding the right information?

Yes, that would be very useful.