Digi Cloud Kit Measurements

Hi, i use The Cloud Kit, and i succeed to run the kit and to connect the web app for the kit and to create some ‘‘Widgets’’ like temperature for example. And now i was trying to use my Wall router, to measure the temp\light, instead of using the XBee board in the kit, but i can’t take any measurements from it, although i try all input sreams. Any help?

Your wall router needs to be associated to your coordinator and you need to be running the proper app on the Gateway.

In order to associate the router with coordinator do i have to use the ‘‘destination’’ option in the XCTU? What do you mean by ‘‘proper app on the Gateway’’ ?

no but the destination address tells the device to send its data to the node wit that matching 64 bit address.

I did the association between router/ coordinator, by enabling the ‘‘channel verification’’ option (XCTU) and i registered the MAC address of the router in the Wep App, but stil can’t get any sensor data. What i have to do next ?

Is the router sleeping ? If not, then you need to send remote AT commands to query the IS value.