Getting started with Digi Xbee sensor ZB Bat L/T/H

We have just purchased four ZB Bat /L/T/H sensors and a XBee geteway ZB for a building automation project. I have been able to see the devices in the device cloud, give them names but extracting their data is a dead end in terms of documentation.

The green cards which came in the box with my sensors give a url which is broken:

Documentation I have managed to find on device cloud lead to more dead links as the company who originally developed device cloud has been bought out. Digi appears to have abandoned efforts to update this documentation.

So, before my boss tells me to stop wasting time and return over $500 of Digi equipment (he is already loosing his patients), I would like someone to point me to a getting started page or document. We have had two other developers work on this project but so far no one has gotten anything out of them.

I just want to read the temperature. This shouldn’t take three experienced developers three days of digging through broken or non-existent documentation.

Do you have a gateway or WiFi Development Board? If so, the following documentation might prove useful: