Digi CM 32, why and where to use it,

Hi all

Sorry to raise this question here, i have got a Digi CM 32,( my boss bought it and asked me to use it,), but being a new bie, i am not sure where to use this device.

I have connected it and brought it with the IP address and http server setup’s,

but how do i connect the servers,

a. do i need to connect the servers NIC directly to the DCM32 or one NIC to DCM32 and another NIC to switch.

b. i have got the purple coloured cat 5 cables along with the device, does it be used to connect the server and other network devices.

Please guide me


The RJ-45 connectors on the back of the CM32 are serial ports, not Ethernet. What you’ll want to do is connect these serial ports to the serial ports of the servers you wish to console, using the CM console adapters along with the cat 5 cables.

Here are some useful links for you during your learning experience:



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