no repsonse on Digi CM8 console

We just got a new Digi CM9 and this is my first attempt to
configure it. I tried plugging in to the console port using
laptop, this setup works for Sun server and Cisco switches, but I get no response at all. I can connect on the ethernet port with no trouble and things seem OK. Do I need a special cable or is there something special about the console port on this device.
Martin Hofmann

All you’ll need to use is the straight-through cat5 cable shipped with the product, along with the appropriate cable adapter. Laptop serial settings will need to be 9600, 8N1, no flow control.

Also, you might find the info in the setup card handy:

I am having the same issues and do not have the original rj45 adapter. What is the correct rj45-DB9 pinout for the CM8 management console?