DIGI CM 32 - Will not mount NFS / Data Buffering Automatically

NPOWER have 2 DIGI CM 32 portservers which have been working just fine for over a year. Recently I noticed that the data buffering had stopped, which goes to another mounted filesystem on one of our servers. This has been working fine for months.
I tracked down that the permissions on /mnt and DB_nfs were the nfs mount goes are different to 2 other working CM32’s we have at our other sites. HOW do I make these permissions change correctly after a reboot. If I set full permissions on /mnt etc… and then start databuffering through the WEB interface it works and the NFS mount starts and we get our data buffering back ! BUT the permissions change if I reboot the portserver and there set-up to reboot once a week.

Any suggestions !