Digi Command Line Interface V1.0 user manual needed

When logging on my embedded system with SSH,I can find something like Digi’s Command Line Interface V1.0.My system version is NET+OS 7.4.2,platform is Connect core 9P 9215.I typed help command,and found 34 commands such as settrace,showtrace,nvread,dm,wn,sdiointerface,sdiocstat,sdioinit,sdioxtest,sdiord,qstat,qstart etc.I want to know how to use these command in detail.Can you send me some user manuals about this or some examples about these commands. Thank you very much!

Netos 7.4 is extremely old and not updated. please consider updating to Netos 7.5.
There is no formal manual. Some help can be found in the API reference guide. C:
Otherwise, look inside CLI source code - it should be pretty self-explanatory. This is from API reference guide:
NET+OS CLI Commands

“help and ?”

Purpose: Displays help about a specific command.

Syntax: help [command]

Examples: #> help settrace
#> settrace?


Purpose: Ends a current CLI session.

Syntax: quit

Examples: #> quit


Purpose: Controls the trace() function debug output. See the description
of this function for types and debug severity levels.

Syntax: settrace [options…]

Examples: #> settrace state=on
#> settrace mask=ppp:assert


Purpose: Displays the current trace() function configuration.

Syntax: showtrace

Examples: #> showtrace


Purpose: Displays information retrieved from the tcp/ip stack such as the
routing table, the ARP table, the UDP socket table, and the TCP vector table.

Syntax: netstat route
routes: arp|device|route|sadb|spd|tcp|udp|vpn

Examples: #> netstat arp
#> netstat route