Docs for default CLI commands?

Where is there any documentation for all these default commands in the Command Line Interface Sample App?

Some of these below were added as “user commands” in the sample app, but most of these appear to be default commands. I can’t find anything about them to either know what they’re for or how to document them for my end users.

etnetwork setpassword shownetwork reboot ? help quit settrace showtrace
histtrace ifconfig netstat threads mac nvread dm wm mallocstat testmalloc
testfree sdiointerface sdiostat sdiocmd sdiobus sdiord sdiowrt sdiocstat
sdiocis sdioinit sdioxtest qstat qopen qstart qstop qclose qget qset qhist
reset version

– gw

Besides what is in the API reference guide (which only describes a subset) there is little. The only place to look is in src\bsp\cli\src\cli.c
Within that file look for cmd_table. That has the list of all available commands based on what manifest constants are defined. But there is little or nothing on what those commands do.

OK thanks. I know a few have parallels from the unix world, but quite a few I don’t recognize. The src code isn’t helping me much (unless I really tear each one down line by line, but I’d rather not have to).

I’ll see if I can get some info from support. A) I 'd like to know what they are, and B) if they’re going to show up in a list of commands in my product, I need to document them for my users.

Did you manage to get documentation for these?

Nope. You have to go digging through the source code in the /netos74 folder.