Digi Connect Me doesn't respond


I upload correctly the image.bin file by FTP, the digi resets and start working well. The leds flash correctly: the red one is solid, and the yellow is blinking when digi is online.
Sometimes the Digi gets blocked. I cannot access it, it doesn’t display the main page when I type its IP address and doen’t respond to ping commands. The leds in this case remain: the red one is solid, and the yellow is always off. When I power off and power on the digi board, everything gets right and works perfectly.

Can anyone explain me why this could be happenning: memory problems, lack of power supply ?

Thanks in advance.

I would assume its a problem in the application code - something putting it into an infinite loop.
Or maybe an issue with your network

Make all your applications as threads, then you can monitor the threads status using telnet, ssh or serial connection using ‘threads’ command. From there you can see which thread is blocking the system. You will be able to fine tune the priority of your threads.