DIGI Connect WI-SP Power LED blinking RED continously

MY Digi connect WI-SP stopped communicating and the power LED is now just flashing red, any ideas as how to troubleshoot or what is wrong?

Is it flashing a certain repeating pattern, for example, a blink then a pause then a few blinks, then pause? Or it it just constantly blinking red/off?

Are you open to attempting to factory reset the unit to see if that helps?

Actually yes, its like 3-pause-4-pause-6-pause- etc.It repeats like that althoguh the pauses are very short. I just tried to perform a factory reset but it doesnt seem to be peforming.

  1. Disconnect power
  2. Hold in reset button
  3. Reconnect power
    But the pattern is still not changing?

If you haven’t already, can you try recovering the unit by following the instructions in this KB article?