Digi Connect ME - How to identify Flash size


How could i identify the flash size from the label inscriptions?

For instance, i have a module with the following inscription:

PN:(1P) 50000878-03 Z
1024 -C 95010720F

Is this a 4Mb module or a 2Mb module?

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we looked this up. It is a 2MB FLASH model.

One thing you can do, if you can get an application running, at the beginning of the dialog, the configuration of the device is displayed.

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I have many others… Is there some product code to identify it?
How can i decode the “infoemation”

Unfortunately, the answer is NOT as straight forward as I had hoped.
Lets look at the part number that you supplied as follows:

My source tells me that if the two digit number FOLLOWING the ‘-’ is between 01 and 07 inclusive, then the parts are 2MB FLASH modules. If that number is 08 or above then it could be either (2MB or 4MB FLASH) but is more likely a 4MB FLASH than a 2MB FLASH unit.