Digi Connect ME re-boot

I am using the Digi Connect ME in an Instrument to communicate via TCP/IP with a windows application. If I turn off the instrument and turn it back on, it takes approx. 1 min for the digi to connect. It is way too long. Is there any way to reduce that? Thanks.


Look at this thread:


Hope it helps.

Is this a -S (Intergration kit) or -C (Development kit) module?

With the integration kit, the boot process can take upwards to 1 minute (from power applied to on the network). As the boot loader is defined and mantained by Digi there is not much that can be done, by yourself, to affect this time.

With the development kit, however, you are provided with full source code to the boot loader. On the Digi Support Knowledge Base is an article discussing BSP modifications that can be performed, which can reduce the time it take the unit to boot down to under 5 seconds. Off-hand I do not recall the article number, but I will put another post here when I find it.


When DHCP is enabled, it takes up to 45 seconds to get the address and get the IP stack configured. That’s when we place the ConnectME on our network.

We’ve been able to get our applications running within 13 seconds (with no IP stack configured). Once our application is up and running, then we configure the IP stack.


Here is the URL to the article I mention above:


If anyone has questions, concerns, issues, etc. with this article please contact technical support by either phone +1 (952) 912-3456 or e-mail (mailto://support.wizards@digi.com).