reboot timeout - more reboot time

Hello All,

Just received my Drop-in Networking Professional Development kit and I have been going through the getting started guide and have run into an issue. I open the Digi ESP, add the device, no problem and it has no issues connecting. I can see the interface boards and wall router as well. I open the Digi Dia Sample Project, build it, still no issues, I run the program, it gets to 99% and then waits for reboot, eventually I get the error message : Reboot timeout - more reboot time. I try again, and eventually I get an error connecting to the firmware. Any ideas?



Might I also add, I was having issues adding a device to my iDigi profile at I could find the device, but when I attempted to add the device, I got the error : device already exists. Eventually I ignored this assuming if the device existed I wouldn’t have any issues, but could this be what’s causing the reboot timeout?