Read timed out error when rebooting


I am trying to launch an Idigi Dia project. The launch appears successful until it gets to the rebooting stage, at this point I get the Error

“Error rebooting device: ERROR: read timed out”

Can anyone help me get over this error please?

Many thanks,


What hardware do you have? What version of firmware? What version of ESP for Python? Are you using a cross-cable or is a switch being used?

Hi Lynnl,

Thanks for your reply. I was beging to give up hope. The idigi helpline is trying to help but I am still having this poroblem

The hardware is a ConnectPort X2B
The Firmware is
ESP Version 1.4.0
My PC is connected by wifi to a router. The ConnectPort is connetced via an ethernet cable to the same router.

I also get errors such as “unable to read device’s firmware” and “could not receive autostart script status”

You can probably tell I’m fairly new to this so it may be something pretty simple.


The ESP can have timing issues if the network speed is less than ideal. WiFi won’t help, and the X2B is one of the slower devices which Digi sells. This also seems to be ‘PC’ specific, so some people have few problems and others have lots of problems during the ESP upload.

The X2B is (unforunately) not a very good platform since it runs out of RAM fast - it has barely 1MB free at best when Python starts. It can run simple Python well, but things like the Digi ‘Dia’ will not run with normal ‘Dia sample’ configurations which tend to be bloated with 3 or 4 presentations (when you only neeed 1 :)!).

The X2D (or the X2-Z11-EM) is better as it has 16MB RAM, so closer to 8MB free to run in. I know, not much you can do now (plus the X2D costs twice what the X2B did).

Okay, but working with what you have, if you look in the ‘build’ directory - for example on my machine it might be: C:\Users\lynnl\workspace\my_project\build\release, then you will find the 3 files the ESp created for you and is trying to upload. So you can use the normal web ui, select the ‘Python’ directory and manually upload using normal HTTP upload.

You just need to run the You can use telnet to log into the X2B, the just type ‘python’ and you will see the same ‘console’ output. This manual upload & run isn’t ideal, but it helps you move forward.

Thanks, this makes a lot of sense.

I have already started doing as you suggest and uploading files manually through the UI. It does seem to work.

We eventually intend to use ConnectPortX4 but wanted to take one step at a time so started without the GPRS complication. Maybe when we change over to the X4 this problem will go away.

I suspected that the dia was uploading a lot more code than necessary so I have also tried just using the python project facility on ESP. However for some reason when I write code in an idigi project which calls for standard modules the build process does not include these. For instance if I ask to “import idigi_data” in the code the release folder does not include the idig_data module. Any idea why this might be?

Thanks again for your help.