Digi ESP for Python 1.1.4 hangs at "Rebooting Device" state sometimes


I have (somteimes) the problem that the process of running my DIA project on my CPX8 hangs at the point where it says “Rebooting target”. It never appears the subsequent “Waiting for reboot”. If I cancel the process and try again, it sometimes works - sometimes not. It may even be necessary to restart the Digi ESP before being able to run my project on the target. Does anyone have a clue what’s happening here?

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I also see this symptom a LOT! I have not yet figured out whats going on. It does not always do it. Usually when it happens the files have actually been transferred over to the target device it. It is just not rebooting.

I have found it to be less problematic if I do a “clean”, then a “build”, then manually pull the files over from a web session opened on the device’s python management page, then using telnet to start the dpdsrv.py script manually.

Painful, but not as frustrating as the Run script hanging up.

I am also running 1.1.4 Build #20100721

Any one have any suggestions? … Gary

Christopher, did you ever get this resolved? It is driving me nuts and may be causing other build problems for me. - Gary