unable to retrieve autostart script

Hey Guys,

I´m new here and need some help please.

I´m using a connectport x4 (Version 82001536_J 03/22/2011)

with Digi ESP for Python

Version: 1.4.0
Build ID: 20110727

I created a iDgi autoneum sample project but while trying to upload the progress bar stopps at 57% and give me a error message:
Error: Unable to retrieve autostart script , read time out.

I´m connected via crosscable
any suggestions ?


Cross cable is hard to use with ESP and X4, since every time the X4 ‘reboots’ your PC (Windows, etc) will shutdown the Ethernet port, then restart it, do auto-negotiation, etc. The amount of time delay between when the PC’s Ethernet stack is active again can vary.

What I see is that some computers have little trouble with cross-cables, and others basically won’t work. So I’d suggest trying with a small switch or hub so the PC’s Ethernet port isn’t also ‘rebooted’ each time the X4 is.