Digi Connect ME - Self reset after 12 hours

I’m facing a strange problem, my system:
- NetOs 7.1 .
- DigiEsp fresh install .
- Project using default services:
- Web Server
-CLI Telnet
- Static TCP/IP setings

The system runs ok but after aproximatelly 12 hours, up time goes to 0 seconds ( It seems that system performs a soft reset)

Please let me know if there is some update that can help me in this issue.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

you should probably update to the latest version of Netos 7.5.2 and install all the patches (please open a support call to get the link to the latest version). To debug your problem try using a module with JTAG and try to reproduce the problem in the debugger with breakpoint in critical sections like exception handlers and crash(); You reset might be due to a hardware whatchdog. Try adding various printf statements if you have access to serial console, otherwise you can printf via udp