Digi EL 5.7: request_irq call hangs up for irq number 28 for gpio 1 to be used for external interrupt 0

I am trying to get the external interrupt 0 on gpio 1 usiing irq 28.
when i call request_irq from the gpio driver (using as module) to register the interrupt handler
i see the call hangs up somewhere and does not return.
I have verified that the content of “Control and Status regsiter” at 0xA090_2000 and
“System Control Module” register at 0xA0900214 as per the ns9210 hardware manual.
is there any other configuration to be done to successfully register the irq and get the external interrupt.
Note: External interrupt to be generated by radio module CC1101 on gpio 1.

DEL comes with a sample app for gpios did you try using it?
Also, have you tried setting up using sysfs?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes , i used the sample app for gpios but that is about the gpio 2 and 9 and i have to deal with the gpio 1 connected with external interrupt 0 (irq 28).
I am moving from sysfs interface to interrupt approach.
Now , i could register the driver successfully but another issue is as folllows:

Sequence of execution:
1 . Application initiates ioctl call to gpio driver
a. Sending pid of the process to driver for getting signal back whenever interrupt happens
b. configuring gpio as irq
2. Driver completes both a and b task successfully. But the interrupt handler is not getting invoked. Although, we confirmed the signals on the GDO0 line by using oscilloscope.

Now if we enable the kernel uart logs (which eventually disables the SPI ) then using the above steps we can see the interrupt handler getting invoked as per interrupt on external interrupt 0 signal.
How the enabling the UARTA and disabling SPI on kernel config is interfering with the gpio[1] communication ?