Digi embedded yocto 1.6: how do I add fw_printenv/fw_setenv

I am building an image for a connectcard imx28 board.
I need fw_printenv to access uboot environment variables.

I tried adding u-boot-dey-fw-utils and
got Nothing RPROVIDES ‘u-boot-dey-fw-utils’

I tried adding u-boot-fw-utils and get ’ No rule to make target `ccardimx28js_config’.


u-boot-dey-fw-utils is not available for ccardimx28js, as this platform uses a more complex NVRAM partition with all the u-boot environment plust some more data (partition table, MAC addresses, etc)

But there is an in-house developed tool ubootenv, that serves the same purpose:

Usage: ubootenv [options]

Prints or updates the U-Boot environment

  -d, --dump                        Prints the values of all the environment
  -p, --print 'var_name_list'       Prints the value of the list of variables
                                    The list has to be simple quoted ('')
  -s, --set  'var_name=var_value'   Sets var_value in the variable var_name
                                    The string has to be simple quoted ('') to allow
  -e  --erase 'var_name_list'       Removes the list of variables (simple quoted)
  -c  --clean                       Removes all variables
  -a  --fileadd file_name           Adds variables from file_name. To init the full
                                    environment from file use -c -a simultaneously
  -h  --help                        Displays usage information

This command allows to write and read the u-boot environment from Linux.

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