update uboot looks like working but FEC0 is not available on next reboot

Thank you for answer.

Sorry, in my previous queries, i forgot to say I already used “update” .

Step by step what i do :

  • using DEL

  • i create a new Uboot project selecting name and wi-imx28 platform

  • configure the project

    • only uncheck “automatically load bootscript on boot”
  • build (and rebuild) the project ==> no error

  • copy uboot file created in “images” to my tftp directory

  • set a “ccwmx28” card (for example 50001838-05 revC) on my JSK CCWi-iMX28 (30013792-03 revA)

  • boot the JSK

  • stop the boot process during counting

  • “flpart” (or not)

  • “update uboot tftp”

  • every thing looks like working, no error

  • saveenv (or not)

  • reboot

  • and on this reboot, after stopping the boot, i don’t have any FEC0 available. If i leave the boot up to linux i neither have any FEC0/Eth0 available.

  • at this step, i have to re-use the oldest DIGI uboot only (mentionned in my previous post) file to get FEC0 back. With the DIGI uboot file provided in the uptodate DVD; it doesnot work more.

I have this problem since 2 weeks, tried a lot of different configurations. Probably, i miss something but don’t understand.


It looks like you have a ccwimx28 V3 module, but you are building your own u-boot using DEL that is not up to date and does not fully support V3 variant. What version of DEL are you using? Did you install all the patches via package manager? what is Part number and serial number of the module you are using? Do you need to customize a u-boot?