OK for uboot with new DEL updates but not WiFi

Thank you Leonid,
(i already answerd but i can’t refind my own message from last friday; so i rewrite it)

It is now ok for uboot with the 3 different upgrades found by DEL package manager. My FEC0 and Eth0 are available from uboot and userland. Well !

BUT, i am not able to correctly configure cfg80211 driver for WiFi as i used too with older modules.
At linux bootime, it tries to launch Bluetooth driver even with all Blutooth cases unchecked.
After impossibility of BT launching, it doesn’t launch cfg80211. I tried a lot of different check/uncheck but not the right one.


Hi Xavier,
Are you building your own kernel and rootfs? booting from FLASH or NFS? Can you try stock images?