configure rootfs & linux for wi-imx28 wifi cfg80211

I am still unable to correctly configure wifi cfg80211 driver for wi-imx28 REVC card.

I tried a lot of different check/unchek but i always get the same : impossibility to launch cfg80211.

The package manager says it is up-to-date and i was easily able to do it with REVA card.

I need a kernel able to use :

  • 4 uart (rx / tx)
  • wifi (wlan0 with cfg80211)
  • eth0
  • can0

Any idea is wellcomed


  1. are you using DEL or DEY?
  2. does wifi works on a stock images that come with DEL
  3. does wifi works if you create a new u-boot/kernel/rootfs project and do not change anything?
    The ConnectCard for i.MX28 module includes a wireless chip by Qualcomm Atheros. The driver supports 802.11a/b/g/n and 802.11h/d/i/e. The driver for this chip is provided in source code and built as an external module.

you should refer to Atheros wireless chapter in DEL documentation for specific info on how to configure wifi on this module.