Digi Etherlite 2 Printing Problem

I have 3 of these throughout my locations. One is local to the server, one is over a DSL behind a NAT firewall and the third problem one is attached to the server via P2P T1. This third one works just fine with all attached wiring and hardware when brought to the same site as the server but when brought back out to the remote site. Text comes across to hyperterminal as wingdings.

Details: HandKey II Biometrics scanner attached via RS232 port to port1 (com7) of the digi. This should be sending a simple line of text to the server which monitors that port for a text pattern and then sends a simple signal back to port2(com8) of the digi opening a turnstile. It works fine at the turnstile local to the Server and it works at the branch behind a firewall with port 771 forwarded to it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.