Digi IAP & SLC5/04

My SLC5/04 's serial port runs DF1 Full Duplex to a PC which
send ifo back and forward. I want to put the Digi between the two and access the info from the PLC with Wonderware Intouch via Ethernet. I’ve tried various ways of setting it up but to no avail. Can anybody be of any help?


This depends on the version of Wonderware you have. I am not up-to-date on WW’s models etc, but about 2 years ago they changed their AB/Ethernet (or CSPv4 protocol) driver to use a less-common submode value of 8. I don’t know what value this offered. The Digi One IAP (DOIAP) DOIAP “E” and “E1” firmware only support the more common submode of 7 (what RSLinx uses) but did NOT return the correct error code, so the WW driver just keeps retrying the unsupported submode 8.

Remember that CSPv4 is not publicly documented, so both WW and Digi design our drivers by a combination of reverse-engineering and trail-n-error.

DOIAP firmware “F” (now on our support site) properly rejects this submode 8 such that WW changes to try the more traditional submode 7.

“F” also adds support for the SLC5/05 MSG block “REMOTE” header. This makes each CSPv4 request about 11 bytes larger, but includes Link and Station address info. I believe the Wonderware driver can add this REMOTE header to affect the DF1 “destination byte”. So if you enabled bridging in your SLC5/04 between your DF1 and DH+ ports, Wonderware could read any of your DH+ enabled PLC via your SLC5/04.