DIGI Its time to pull the plug.

Lets Face facts. Since DIGI took over Rabbit they ran it into the ground.
Lets also face the fact that DIGI has NO desire for this product line what so ever. Their only reason for them buying Rabbit was to eliminate the threat to them.

Its no surprise, to most of us that Dynamic C clearly falls into the top 10 class of worst compilers / GHI editors released. Rabbit management should have never allowed such a piece of crap on the market.

Back to DIGI, like i said DIGI has no serious plans to promote the Rabbit line or its tools. Dont keep your head in the sand about this. The rabbit 6000 prodcut line you have easily taken over much of what DIGI already makes at far less of a cost. So its a no real wonder that they dont want it to live. They are just keeping it on life support. AFter all people are still buying parts, so why kill it off its making them income.

Why am i posting this? I have an answer. the Rabbit 670x module is a great product, i have allays loved it. Its also at one of the lowest costing product like it on the market. Not to mention it is fast as well.

What Rabbit and Even DIGI fail to see is that its the not product that sucks it is the Dynalic C compiler that does!!! IF someone would have spend a bit more money and made it to work like many other compilers out there. This product would take off like a lighting bolt. Hell, they dont even have to make a new GUI for it, just use the popular Eclipse platform. Leave the compiler command line driver and Eclipse will do the rest.
Though the compiler will need a serious overhaul. It will need to be made like other compulers in the fact that we can use #include and so one. Porting a project form one platform should not be so troublesome as it is.

DIGI are you paying attention??? Fix the compiler and i guarantee your sales to blow your mind away. -OR- fire the bozo in charge of this division and hire me. I would be able to guarantee a 100% increase in sales in the first 6 months. Rabbit nor DIGI does not even have a glimpse what it takes to sell / promote a product like this.

Its such a shame to have a great piece of hardware like this, yet being held back by people who could not sell a hot dog to a starving bung of pigmy’s.

Well, I don’t use Rabbit or DynC these days (I did about 12 years ago in the ZWorld days), but blaming DynC for the decline in Rabbit may not be valid.

My opinion this is caused more by the fact that once upon a time, a micro with 6 serial ports was rare & Rabbit was unique. Now, even $2 32-bit Freescale ARM micros come with 6 serial ports usable as UART, SPI, I2C, etc. Therefore the volume accounts have moved to non-rabbit solutions, so Digi is left with people buying small quantity. It’s nice to be a small company buyign 100 or 500 units a year, but one cannot run a ‘company’ without a few dozen 10K++ buyers which in effect finance the loss when selling to small buyers.

That’s my view.

Good afternoon, I suggest you take a look at the current release of Dynamic C 10.72 : http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=4978
it supports #include