I’m not able to connect eather by serial interface or by telnet.
The combination user “root” and password “dbps” is not recognized by the device.
Is there another combination user/password?

if it’s -C it means customizable - Netos based custom firmware. default user/password is root/password. but its probably not default and was programmed to something by the developer. Why are you trying to connect to it?

Thank you
I already find that the correct combination is root/password.

But I thing Digi has a serious issue:
I bought 10 pieces from RS - so all them was NEW products. Nobody changed them, so I suposed that root/dbps should be the correct one.

Nowhere in the “official” documentation is mentioned that it could be another combination.

After I spent few hours searching on the net, finaly I find that there could be some other combination. One of them was root/password, which works.

I strongly sugest to Digi to make all necessary modification to their data sheets in order to help us to avoid loose time.

The password “dbps” is used for devices running plug and play firmware, e.g.: DC-ME-Y402-S PN(1P):50001528-37

The password “password” or on older devices “Netsilicon” is by default used for devices running NET+OS firmware, e.g. DC-ME-Y402-C PN(1P):50001528-06

Passwords made be changed by users.
You need to refer to the NET+OS development documentation and not to the Digi “standard” Plug and Play firmware.