digi-mesh functionality on Series 2

Hello everyone!
How can i get functionality of digi-mesh (homogenous net, peer-to-peer connections, sleeping nodes) on Series 2 Znet 2.5 hardware (XBP24-BSIT-004)?
Is it possible to reprogram module to digi-mesh firmware?

Thanks, Andrey

Digimesh is not on Series 2. It is only on Series 1 Xbees and the Xtend. Maybe in the future though but not sure.

This is correct… DigiMesh 2.4 can only be used on the XBee/XBee-PRO 802.15.4 (i.e. Freescale) radios. ZNet 2.5 and ZB are Mesh Networking products however, but the Mesh Networking operates different than DigiMesh i.e. requires Coordinator to setup the Mesh, sleep settings individually programmed rather than syncronized, etc. Its all a matter of how you want the mesh to operate.

Bad news for me… :frowning:
But Thank You for exhaustive answer.