Digi ONE IAP for reading some Modbus registers

Hi, it is our first time using this product, we have a SLC 503 and we are trying to read some modbus registers from a device via Modbus TCP. Can we use a Digi One IAP for these application-?

Hi Roberto,

We ended support for protocol bridging between modbus , and Allen Bradley protocols 1-1-2020. We are leaving the protocol support in the device for legacy customers with known working solutions. We do not recommend this option for new deployments as we no longer maintain this code within the device.

We still have application notes on our website that you can review for self-help. You will find the legacy application notes at the link below.

You will want to review the following documents.

Legacy: Connecting Rockwell ControlLogix to Modbus slaves by Digi One IAP

Legacy: Setting up Digi One IAP for Rockwell bridging, including linking a serial PLC and serial HMI

Legacy: Polling Rockwell PLC and ControlLogix as Modbus slaves with Digi One IAP

Legacy: Digi Protocol Bridging Calculator for master speaking Rockwell protocols

Legacy: Digi Protocol Bridging Calculator