DigiOne IAP, SLC 5/03, Modbus TCP thermocouple module data


I have an AB SLC 5/03 that is bridged to ethernet with a DigiOne IAP. I would like to know if it is possible to set the DigiOne IAP up as a Modbus TCP master and pass data to the SLC 5/03 from a Modbus TCP slave. I have attached a link for the device I want to read thermocouple data from.

I have read through application note 90000643(Connecting Rockwell ControlLogix to Modbus slaves by DigiOne IAP) and it seems like this may be possible. I have failed using the Inustrial Automation Wizard and MSG instruction thus far. Does anyone know if this is possible with a SLC 5/03(Logix500)? I have a bench test set up with a SLC 5/03, the Stride Field I/O modbus thermocouple module, and a DigiOne IAP for testing. I would greatly appreciate any helpful suggestions. Digi no longer supports Rockwell protocols and could not provide any help.


Let me know if I can provide any more information/clarification.


I was able to struggle through configuration and get the Stride I/O Modbus TCP thermocouple module to pass thermocouple data through the DigiOne IAP to the SLC 5/03 DF1 with a MSG instruction. I’ve attached both my Digi configuration files and PLC program.

The only issue I have now is both performing the MSG instruction on Ch0(Digi port 2) and connecting to RSLogix500 concurrently on the same port through the Digi. Is this something that should be possible?


Digi Configuration:

Logix500 program: