Gettinf C-more HMI to communicate with SLC 5/03 through Digi One IAP

I have an SLC 5/03 connected to an Ethernet network via a Digi One IAP. The IAP is configured to allow the 5/03 to READ from a SLC 5/05 through the channel 1. I’ve been playing with configuration settings since yesterday to see if I can get a C-More HMI to communicate with the 5/03 to no avail. The C-more is configured to use TCP port 44818 for comms. I’ve had no previous issues communicating with the 5/03 through a NET-ENI adapter that was replaced with the IAP, so I’m assuming the IAP settings aren’t correct.

I should add that I can also see the 5/03 over Ethernet through the IAP via RSLinx and can go online with the program with RSLogix over Ethernet.

Any suggestions?

There is really not much you need to configure - enable the Rockwell protocols. My first guess is that the HMI is expecting one of the Rockwell ‘special’ Ethernet/IP commands which aren’t part of the ODVA spec.

Take a look at this web page - it talkes about Modbus, but you can see the same ‘event trace’ for Rockwell protocols:

It will help you determine if the messages are arriving at the IAP even.