Digi One SP and xmodem protocol transfer

I have a Digi One SP connected to a traffic counter. My issue is that when I attempt XMODEM protocol transfer, the transfer fails due to 0xff 0xff type of communication. I must use xmodem as a file transfer protocol. Hyperterminal has this issue. We use a RAW socket in our polling software to communicate with our raven modems with no issues. Anyone have any simple ideas to fix this . I need to communicate to traffic counter via ethernet that works dependablely.

What TCP port is your traffic software connecting to on the Digi One SP, or are you doing this through Realport?

Also, if you can telnet into your Digi One SP, what is the output of “show line”?

Hello admin

I have a working connection with my serial device via PySerial, but I also want to transfer files via the xmodem protocol as part of my program.

Which would be the most platform-neutral way to do this? Worst case, I could close() my serial.Serial object in Python and use subprocess to call upon /usr/bin/sb, but that seems inelegant.

I’m currently on Ubuntu 9.10 and am using a USB-TTY adapter.

Any ideas?