UDP Sockets - Unable to Receive Serial Traffic via Realport

Hello all,

I have a client that is delivering serial data to our server via connection to a Digi One SP device. We’re having issues receiving the data through the Digi, but when the serial device is connected directly to a serial port on a laptop, the data is received without issue.

We’re using the UDP Sockets profile on the Digi in conjunction with the RealPort software installed on our server. We’ve confirmed the basic serial communication settings are correct (9600,8,N,1). We’re using HyperTerminal to monitor for serial data on the target server. Interestingly, there was one case during testing where we pressed a key while connected via Hyperterminal, and the serial data did start to flow through correctly, however it eventually ceased (root cause unknown), and we’ve been unable to replicate that behavior - pressing a key no longer “initiates” the data stream from the device connected to the Digi, but when moving the serial feed back to the laptop, the data immediately begins to flow properly again.

I don’t have much information on technical specifics as it relates to the customer serial feed, aside from the fact that it is being delivered from a Windows-based server OS, and being transmitted out of a virtual printer port that is provided through a 3rd party vendor software - that is directed out of a physical serial COM port on the source server itself, which is connected to the Digi One SP. The data itself is effectively “one way”, in that we receive serial data, but do not transmit any data back to the source server.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you in advance!