Digi One SP for fax

I have a Digi One SP connected to a Multitec 56k fax modem. The firmware on the Digi One SP is 82000774_U2

I want to use it to send and receive faxes. I have installed this unit using Realport. I can send faxes, but not receive them. When faxes are received, the modem anwers, but after a while the call times out.

I tried the unit in two different networks, using Windows 2003 SBS fax server in one instance and the build in Windows XP fax in the other instance. Both instances have the same results. The instances are at different locations, different fax numbers etc, the only comon part is the fax modem and the Digi One SP.

Almost seems as though DCD is not getting asserted when the modem picks up an inbound call.

When the modem picks up an inbound call, take a look at the port signals from the root prompt of the Digi One SP unit:

#> display port ra=1

The active/inactive port signals may give some clues here.