Digi Passport Console Server Raw TCP mode

I am using a Passport as a “normal” port server with a SCADA on one side and serial device connected behind the Passport.
I have configure my port as a console port, I access in raw TCP.
I need a really “transparent” conversion from TCP/IP to serial.

The Digi sends me some ASCII messages like:
“Welcome to Digi Passport …”
“Port is in use. Closing connection …”
“>> ‘nobody’ initiated a new r/W session …”

These messages are read by my driver on SCADA side … and I really want to suppress them.

Do you have an idea ?


You need to set these options to remove those msgs:

Serial port->Config->“#”->Host mode conf->Display port info=Disable

Serial port->Config->“#”->User access ctrl->suppress conn announce=Enable

Thanks for your help,

I cannot find the 2nd option “suppress conn announce” !!!

In host mode menu I have:

  1. Host mode : Console server
  2. Type of console server : Other
  3. Rackable System Management Card : Disable
  4. Service processor : NONE
  5. Enable/Disable assigned IP address : Disable
  6. Listening TCP port : 2106
  7. Protocol : RawTCP
  8. Inactivity timeout : 100 second(s)
    9. Display port information : Disable
  9. Port escape sequence option : Disable
  10. Port break sequence : ~break
  11. Use comment : No
  12. Quick connect via : Web applet
  13. Web applet encoding : English (latin1)
  14. Web applet size : 80 / 24

And in User Access Control :

  1. User Permissions
  2. Enable/Disable multiple session : Disable

I have upgrade my digi to the last release … but nothing change.


Sorry, the “Suppress …” option is only in the 1.4.x beta. Unfortunately you will need it.

Auth=None and Display port=Disable will suppress initial messages but it does not disable:
“>> ‘nobody’ initiated a new r/W session …”
This requires the “Suppress …” option.

Please refer to your support case for further info regarding the beta.