Digi Port Server TS4 with Realport

I have a number of Digi Port Server TS 4s on my network, I communicate with the device servers via a machine running win2k server over Real Port. The issues are as follow:

  1. The Port Servers sometimes become unplugged power-wise and sometimes the LAN cable get unplugged (beyond my control), but when i do restore power or the lan connection, my computer refuses to open the port, i get an error “unable to open com , please check your port settings” when I try to communicate with the port, I know that no other programs on my computer are trying to use that port. Uninstalling/Reinstalling the port servers does not seem to help, sometimes it does get back the ports but sometimes not. how do i prevent this from happening?

  2. when my computer boots, I often lose realport reference to one or more port servers – ie. i get the above error when I try to communicate to the port. is there a way to fix this? i thought real port was supposed to recognize the ports on reboot (both the pc and the port server), i am using realport driver

  3. i have added an entry into my auth table on one of my port servers via the command line, how do i remove that entry? i see in the command reference file that a ‘rmauth=on’ is used but when i try it, it tells me i am using the wrong syntax.