Digi PortServer TS MEI and data communications between its serial ports

Hi, I am a novice with the Digi PortServer TS MEI so can you please give me some additional details about how to transfer data from one serial port (RS-485) to another port (RS-232).

I have some RS-485 serial devices (active energy meters) and I’m planning to get data from them using embedded modem and Ethernet port. But I also need get this data using external GSM modem connected to RS-232 port of PortServer.

Is it possible? How to configure PortServer to have ability get this data?

Thanks in advance.

It sounds as though you need to configure a serial tunnel.

The following knowledge base articles may be helpful:


Thank you for reply. It was useful information for me but the question was how to do such tunnel for devices connected to one Digi PortServer. Is it possible?

Please describe what type of device and serial communication it uses for each port, how the data will flow between them, as well as how you’d like to access that data from a remote location. I’m not exactly sure what you’d like to do based on the description, so perhaps a little more detail would help paint a clearer picture.

If I understand this correctly, it sounds as though you want a serial tunnel between 2 ports on the same unit.

If this is correct, you will simply use the PortServer IP as the host and the 2000 port number for the other port. You will only want one port to initiate the connection, while the other port is passive.

For example, to make a serial tunnel from port 1 to port 2 on the same unit:

#> set port range=1 dest=(ip_of_portserver) dport=2002 dev=term auto=on

#> set port range=2 dev=prn

OK. A diagram worths many words :slight_smile:

http://samomu.narod.ru/Digi.jpg (~33 Kb)

Yes, you understood correctly. Between two ports but between different ports (RS-232 and RS-485). Is any details in this case? You may look at a picture in my post above to make things clear.

Thank you very much!

But I have additional question :slight_smile: How to do this for situation when I use internal modem instead of PortServer RS-232 port. How to get data from port RS-485 using modem?

UserID0’s setup would work, but you’d have to make the correct DIP switch settings for 232 or 485 for the appropriate serial port.

It turned out that this problem has the same solution :slight_smile: Thanks userid0 and michaelt once more!